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    9. Establishing a new system

    After the government will be in the hands of the president of the sane to begin the transition. During this period, you need to change the constitution to create a simple and understandable to all laws. Translate all the cash in the bank money, and place them on a single account of the State Bank Russia. Begins to form a new society and to prepare the transfer of power to the people.

    The transitional period should go smoothly and according to the principle of fairness and on the basis of common sense. The transitional period should not take more than one term.

    By the end of the presidential term should make a whole new system of district assembly to the regional meeting. regional leaders have to work in the new system at least 1 year to be a candidate for president of the new Russia. With over the result of the region – the practical result of the application of the principles of common sense, Russia will be the first president of the new Russia.

    For the first time in the history of the ruling authorities to replace the executive power, the power of the people, the power of sanity – the greatest gift of the Creator.

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