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    8.3. Non-political party “Sanity”

    You have decided on a presidential candidate and supported it, but that’s not enough for the win. Enemy of the people is strong, he has money and power.

    To increase the chances of victory of truth and sanity you need to create a “non-party” Sanity “.

    To join the party a “non-party” Sanity “visit the official site and the only party:

    Check out the site
    Sign up on the website. By registering, you declare his desire to join the party.
    Take an active part on the site. Discuss, express their opinion.
    How to gather a sufficient number of candidates for the party to begin the procedure of formation of the party, the statements of collection and registration of the party.
    For the activities of the party needs money. To comply with all the formalities of the law, we need a lot of money. But more money is needed to attract new members to the party through the media, telling the people the truth and principles of sanity.
    Numerous party would strongly support their president.

    It must be remembered that the main goal. The aim of the party is not the seizure of power, getting paid a warm place, the mandate and so on.

    The purpose of a non-political party “Sanity” promote the principles of common sense, protection of common human values.

    Once the new social system on the principles of common sense will take its place of honor in Russia, a non-political party “Sanity” will cease to exist as unnecessary.

    The new social system on the principles of common sense is not ruling leaders and the ruling parties, and governs only common sense – the greatest gift of the creator of the people, their incarnations.

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