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    8.2. Reformist president

    To implement a new social system based on common sense need bold action. We need a leader, reformist president who is willing to give his life for the citizens of their country, but not for the sake of popularity, power and money, but for the sake of fair and happy life of the people – the creator of incarnations.

    It will be very difficult to deal with the slave-owners, with people who are using the money rule the world. But the truth, sanity and our support will be on his side.

    The President must be a fair and reasonable person who is not eager for power, celebrity and money. The wise man is not a leader, he did not notice that blends harmoniously with the environment, and do good deeds.

    You need to decide on a candidate for the Russian presidency in elections in 2018. This should be a person worthy of your trust. He should not get out of the way and to bring the matter to an end.

    Remember, if the President is a rich man, he has acquired his wealth, appropriating the labor of the workers. He lives in his own world, separate from the people. In this world there are no problems faced daily by ordinary, honest citizens. Accordingly, he is not able to understand and solve all the pressing problems of the people. Moreover, he is not interested to lose the source of their wealth, and intends to continue to receive the maximum profit. And on TV, you can tell the voters anything they want to hear and act as a professional actor of the popular television series, day after day, in love with themselves spectator.

    Having defined the presidential candidate, it is necessary to be supported. Without you, he can not do anything. We need to support him with their votes in the elections and money. An honest man can trust no extra money, but money is needed not only on the campaign, but also the enormous educational work with the public, bringing truth and principles of common sense to the people.

    To register for the presidential candidate need to score a lot of votes with no errors in the data provided.

    All hope for you and the president.

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