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    8.1. Begin with yourself

    Sanity – only thing that can unite all people, with both individual people and the peoples of the world.

    Sanity. Start guided by common sense in their thoughts and actions. Do not go with the crowd, do not believe in the holy scriptures, do not trust the authorities, but is developed his own opinion on everything you see and feel, using common sense.
    Health. Common sense tells us to take care of their health. No matter you are sick or healthy, engage in disease prevention. Do not trust the doctors who do not treat the cause of disease. The future of information and preventive medicine. A new social system, living on sanity needs healthy citizens principles.
    Self-education. Engage in self-education, even if you have 3 degrees, as they are of little avail. Throw away all the stereotypes of thinking, do not believe the science and history, believe only common sense – the greatest gift of the Creator. A new social system, living on common sense principles need sensible citizens.
    Perfection. To see things as they really are, you need to change the point of perception (the assemblage point of consciousness). The correct point of perception, when you are in every object, in food, in each person see the creator of one of his many incarnations. Greet the creator and thank him for the opportunity to live and do good deeds.
    A new social system, we need committed citizens living on common sense principles that can see the truth.

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