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    7.8. Constitution

    The Creator has given us the freedom and only one parting word: “Do as you wish them to do unto you.” And he advised us to live in harmony and to use common sense and principle: “What you sow, so shall you reap.”

    In this regard, the constitution should protect the common values:

    The absence of war – the peaceful coexistence of nations.
    Animals – every living creature.
    Availability of natural resources for the future.
    Nature – vegetation, land, water bodies.
    Peaceful habitat – society.
    Freedom of speech.
    Freedom of movement within the country and to choose their residence.
    Freedom of choice.
    Freedom of creativity – a favorite work.
    human family.
    Human well-being.
    Human health.
    A man’s life.
    Since man lives in the environment, the priority should be to go from the general to the particular, that is, from the country to the man. After all, the land is not made for man, and man is part of the environment.
    The above order does not mean that human life is the least appreciated. Should take into account all the values.

    Why is the priority of the general to the particular? If priority is given to the protection of private interests, as experience shows that common interests are omitted. In this case, everyone pulls the blanket over himself, and this leads to unstable families, bad ecology, wars.

    With protection from the priority of common interests, private interests are protected automatically. If there are no wars, round blooming nature, happy and strong family, and the person feels happy and protected.

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