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    7.7. Non-religious social system

    On the basis of common sense social system is secular. History shows that religion is created by man in order to keep the masses of people in check, accept the existing order of things and not to interfere dominate the “chosen.” Religion misinform people do not give whole and true picture of the universe, being taken away from solving problems. Moreover, all religions lead to division and hatred of peoples, which is a gross violation of harmony and shared values.

    Therefore, power should not be guided by and support the religion, fearing for the opinion of the masses. From now on, no power and enslave is not holding in check, and the will of the people.

    Nevertheless, people have the right to freedom of choice. People of traditional religious and inertia, do not always understand where is the truth. For this reason, everyone has the right to follow any religion, as long as it does not hurt other people and common values. In other words, be tolerant to the level of awareness and habits of other people. There will come a time when they are being improved, will finally see what is what.

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