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    7.6. Non-political social system

    The social system on the basis of common sense is not political. In fact, ordinary citizens do not care what political system will be in power, but takes into account the rights of ordinary citizens and give a normal life. Political parties striving for power is not enough to solve the problems of the people, how to get a place in the power system for the purpose of its enrichment and well-being. The result of all this political activity there. Slavery is booming. Honest people, great professionals manage today live for 10-20 thousand rubles a month, not to mention the pensioners and the disabled.

    In the public system, on the basis of common sense there is no purpose to enslave and to gain dominance over the other.

    The sole purpose of a social system based on the interests of the citizens of sanity and common values. It is the sole and incontrovertible condition in favor of sanity system.

    Since all other political systems are contrary to this important principle as fundamental and work in practice, then they are not needed. Moreover, they are destructive, since lead away from solving urgent cases. In this regard, it is considered advisable, for the sake of common values ​​to give up all political systems, and to address the problems.

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