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    7.3. Environment

    Environment forms the man, but the man is able to shape the environment. Taking care of yourself and the environment in which your children will live, you need to take responsibility and begin planning and development of the environment.

    Healthy human environment, where cultivated, grafted and protect the common values ​​inherent in every human being, able to create the conditions for the formation of a peaceful, healthy, creative and happy person, blends harmoniously with the nature in the world.

    Country – territorial association of people, cultivating a single image. If there is a single image, there is no country. If this image is in harmony with the universal values ​​and live by the principles of common sense, it is common to all sensible people. If this image is one in neighboring countries, the need for boundaries is eliminated.

    Harmonious way can not infringe upon the interests of another country, so a separate country can be a territorial unit of reunification. If everyone on the planet sensible and embodied it in their social systems, but the need for borders and armies disappears. Full unity will lead to harmony between man and nature and will be a triumph of the human mind and the realization of the Creator’s purpose.

    In an environment formed by the Creator, which is the every man, no secrets. As the Creator of himself can hide something? After all, he has no evil and selfish intentions. Therefore, the medium in the new public “Sanity” system should be transparent. Information Environment in the universe has always been and will be transparent. Anyone can look into the book of life, and to take any necessary information. This information relates to the same acts, and even thoughts of a single person.

    Environment created by the new “Common sense” social system, creates the perfect man, bringing it closer to the Creator. The more manifest in the human creator, the perfect man, and the great powers, the freedom and the responsibility he has.

    In public “Sanity” system must be everywhere to create their own, powerful, safe, civilized, information environment like the Internet. Such an environment will form a harmonious person, allows to make quick decisions, conduct business, as well as will allow to have direct feedback and powers of citizens with their executive representatives.

    Every sane person should be a role model, demonstrating the advantages of the social system “Sanity” and of sanity.

    Formation of the environment, filled with harmony and beauty – is the purpose and meaning of every person’s life, founded by the Creator.

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