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    7.28. Ecology

    In a society where people live according to the laws of common sense and harmony with the environment, no environmental problems. But you can not save the environment in complete clean in a single country.

    Planet earth is a living organism, the embodiment of the Creator, in which everything is interconnected, and there is a constant exchange of information. Obvious examples are the underwater ocean currents, the water cycle, and the movement of the atmosphere around the globe. And living organism called Earth has an immune system that is able to maintain harmony and vitality. But if the immune system is activated if the person survives, it violates the harmony depends on its influence.

    It is impossible to maintain the ecological balance of the earth, as long as there are social systems, values ​​which are the profits, profits and more profits again.

    The proposed social system on the basis of common sense is the only one able to cope with any problem, including the problem of natural resources and population, as well as to create harmony with the environment. To enhance the effect, offers the public system should be used as a basis in each country.

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