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    7.27. Natural resources

    Natural resources and mineral wealth throughout the territory of the powers belong to Power and serve for the benefit of present and future citizens. Accordingly, all natural resources should be used carefully and efficiently, to have something to leave a legacy to our descendants.

    Resources are not made for man. Resources – an essential component of the body of the earth, of the eco sphere, part of the nature in which they live are different embodiments of the creator. Resources – the same incarnation of the Creator, as well as people.

    War for profit slaveholders plunders and depletes natural resources reserves, the necessary land.
    Lack of resources, the problem never existed, because people lived in harmony with the environment. Upset this balance, mankind has not stopped and the nuclear winter is inevitable.

    The only salvation – to change the social system of states to a new social system that lives in the sanity and harmoniously blend into the environment.

    Resources must be used at a minimum, by developing technologies capable of minimizing their use. Priority should be renewable resources and technologies do not infringe the ecosphere.

    In the harmonious society, where there is no pursuit of profit and the worship of money, lack many of the problems of the modern world. The goods are not produced in order to obtain the maximum profit, but only for long and economical service to man.

    The harmonious society living in harmony with each incarnation of the Creator, be it a person, water, oil and metal resources and the number of the population do not have problems.

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