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    7.26. Police

    The police is a means of containment and control of the masses within the state and to ensure the implementation of laws.

    In modern society, the number of police officers exceeds the number of the army. Who then is going to fight this system of power? With its own people! So, in such a system, the people do not share the interests of power, and the power of his people imposes its policy.

    In the public system, on the basis of common sense there is no need to maintain such a huge army of police. Firstly, such an army in the maintenance of expensive, and secondly, the low crime rate in the society on the basis of common sense has no need for such a large army.

    A police officer, a representative of the authorities should take greater responsibility for their actions.

    Policeman sanity in the society is a respected advocate of standing on the interests of citizens, rather than armed bouncer who seeks to profit.

    Honest and sensible citizens should not fund the police, as they do not violate the laws. Funding should go to the expense of offenders who do not live according to the principles of common sense. No intruders, no police.

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