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    7.25. Army

    In the public system, based on common sense, where there are no rulers and the ruling parties, as well as the goal to make a profit at any cost, there is no need in seizing the territories of other countries and waging war on the territory of other countries.

    The army must be professional and modern for its effectiveness. Modern quality conditions is crucial, not the amount.

    Not politics, nor the variety of religions, no gain, nothing can unite people of different countries, like sanity, close to every person of different cultures and religions.

    When several countries are actively using the principle of sanity and protecting common human values, you may want to come together and have a common army, saving on its content and increasing its effectiveness. Ultimately, the smaller boundaries, the less the need for the army.

    The army of a single country is defensive only so long until it has crossed its own border. Crossing the border of their own, the army becomes offensive. Army, crossing the border of another country, it becomes aggressive. No good intentions that are easily rigged, can not be the cause of someone else’s border crossing.

    Terrorism, war, revolution and national unrest – it plays, businessmen organized with the sole aim – economic benefits. War sensible person is not needed. War is necessary only dealers who seek to obtain a huge profit at any cost. And for the sake of profit they are willing to destroy entire nations. The social system on the principle of common sense lacks necessary.

    I did not punish, but only fulfills all desires. Including the desire of each country. The desire of the country are generated by its actions run the policy with the tacit consent of its citizens. Politicians act, stating the desire of the country and its citizens are paying. Some countries have their arrogant actions wish so actively be peeling off the face of the earth that are on the verge of fulfilling their desires.

    Think about the role of your country in the international community. If all the international community adopt a new social system on the principles of sanity and harmony, then the need for armies will disappear and recede the threat of destruction of the earth directly to the hands of humanity itself.

    The boundaries are drawn tip of the pyramid of power to allocate territories, bringing her income. The people of the border are not necessary, since all the income goes to the top of the pyramid of power. Moreover, the boundaries are alien to the people, for they only restrict freedom of movement. The only boundary that excites an honest man – a personal boundary of the land and his home.

    If over your head is not the bullets fly and do not break the shells, it does not mean that there is no war. The war is not over and is in full swing – a cultural and information war, where the field of battle – the media disinformation and the Internet.

    Do you still believe in free choice and are able to consciously make decisions? I’ll tell you what it is not. If you feel a burning desire to become the owner of iPhones more powerful computer, Mercedes, fashion bags, sitting on medications or completely trust their president, doctors and government guarantees, and so on, then you are attacked by computer viruses and need treatment information.

    If at least one item from the following list for you, then you are attacked in the information war, and you urgently need to take action.

    Buy “status” thing, as well as new or “fashionable” clothes, handbag, car, phone, and so on instead of no wear.
    “Glued” to the television or computer.
    “Hang” in social networks.
    Believe the media, including the Internet.
    Holy and blindly believe in the good intentions of their leaders, officials, and members of the party, most of which only stretch to “warm” the little town.
    At his word and believe every word of authority and other scientists, doctors and other “knowledgeable”.
    Believe in calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and so on.
    Eat your heirs beduyuschimi: animals, birds, fish, shellfish, and so on.
    Using products as skin, fur, bone and so forth which are made of the killed animals for this purpose and other animals. The exception is the wool and the like, not connected with the murder.
    Blindly believe her official medicine diagnoses, diagnostic and treatment methods, medicines, as well as traditional healers, psychics and other healers.
    Religiously believe in the various religious movements, traditions and customs, as well as idolize their favorite culture.
    Maintain the ancient and the “right” way of life, the division of the people in the tribal settlements, national seclusion and other “own shirt is closer to the body”, their own and others elected, or the best, and so on.
    Believe in the peaceful intentions of the countries with any camouflaged slave system.
    You do not notice or actively or passively allow the military, political, and other undercover invasion of other countries under the banner of the defense of democracy, freedom, justice, or bringing “civilization” underdeveloped.
    You measure and divide the people on the social status, nationality, their own and others in their country.
    You think that the nature and the planet as a whole belongs to you.
    Blindly believe in the facts, evidence and eyewitness testimony, that is, evidence that has even the potential to fundamentally human factor.
    Religiously believe in the “Golden Calf”, as well as the rich, so smart and rightly so.
    Allow to feed a huge army of hangers-on of the many officials and chiefs, by the way, who live at the expense of workers and the better job.
    Is not considered anyone living only in their own interests and “needs.”
    You treat people and other embodiments of the Creator so that they do not wish them to do to you.
    The list goes on, but I think it’s enough to think and rethink their lives and their values ​​and actions.

    Whence comes your favorite operating system, browser, search engine and social network? Whose interests do they represent? Who finances them? You, in the hope of finding the truth, plunge into the Internet and immediately appears before the information weapon, which leads you under escort where necessary. Directed barrel machine you would have spotted at once, but for the attractive pictures deadly weapon … you do not see – the innocent victim on the battlefield, for which all hunting. And the interests of these hunters of psychological and economic, to prepare for the treacherous invasion, seizure, robbery and territories of entire nations and the enslavement of peoples.

    Be aware of your thoughts, desires, behavior and actions. The man really depend only on general human values ​​that lie at the heart of the new “Reason” of the social system. it only gives you the freedom, truth and joy of life, for there is no violence and lies.

    If hard to prepare for war, then war is inevitable. If you carry a loaded gun and take aim at anything that seems threatening, sooner or later it will shoot a gun. Better so hard to prepare for the world.

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