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    7.24. Transport

    The transport system is of strategic importance, especially over large areas. At the same time the transport system and carries a large number of issues, including the health and lives of people. Using the principle of common sense can solve any problem, including transport.

    The principle of common sense tells us that the roadway must be qualitative and self-cleaning. In other words, the road must not accumulate snow, water, leaves and other debris. If the road to place on the dais, then all the water will flow in specific ditches and trash blown away by the wind and the flow of cars.

    All busy roads in urban areas should be covered, if necessary, two-level, and take into account the natural phenomena.

    Covered road will allow year-round to maintain the road surface dry and clean of debris and sediment, as well as increase the overall security of traffic, including pedestrians. Safe transport speed increase. Covered road to reduce noise and dust that will appreciate not only the residents of neighboring houses to the road, but also the residents of the entire city.

    Duplex road junction will facilitate and reduce to a minimum number of traffic lights.

    The first level should be slightly raised and used for public transport, trucks, bicycles and slow-moving environmental transport, as well as a parking space and car parking along the road between stops and turns.

    The second level is to be used for passenger cars and to be high.

    The outer cover should alternate light-transmissive portions. Just inside the illumination line can use the natural outside light through an optical fiber and a mirror.

    Regional transportation is reasonable to arrange the pipes in the magnetic suspension. Thus, increase security, minimize the products for blade care, increasing the speed and, accordingly, reducing the travel time, which is particularly important at large distances.

    Reasonable regional transport lines also divided into two levels. First under the vehicle, and the second under the high-speed trains.

    All roads should be automated and physically exclusive collision in the oncoming lane. All vehicles must be automated and use the advantages of the automated road. This eliminates the possibility of accidents, both physically and through the automation of transport and roads, exclusive of erroneous actions and dashing drivers. In such circumstances, there is no need to create a car-tanks to withstand frontal impact with oncoming traffic, resulting in lower energy costs.

    Traffic lights have to determine the presence and number of cars and pedestrians that will eliminate the desire to break the rules, as well as increase the capacity.

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