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    7.22. Pension

    Sooner or later the working age – old age, sometimes when a person is not able to feed itself and to ensure that needs increased attention and communication. Pensioners often while away the hard times alone.

    The duty of society and children in the first place, take care of our fathers and mothers, who gave us life and brought us giving the best years of his life.

    Pension should not be at the level of a living wage, and provide all the needs of the older person, including the maintenance of health and solving everyday affairs.

    Our fathers and mothers is a great responsibility for the birth and proper upbringing of children. According to the principle: “What goes around, comes around”, about taking care of elderly parents have to take care of their children. How to raise their children, and get care in their old age.

    According to this principle, funds for old age should come from their children. The more children and their qualifications, the greater the amount of the pension. Money from the children the account should be debited automatically. You do not want to live on the money of their children ahead of time, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and are able to work, work.

    If no children, and you are not able to work or can not find a job at this age, power is required to provide you with the cost of living, which will cover all of your necessary expenses.
    If your children do not work and, accordingly, do not you go charges, you’ll also provides power cost of living, for which costs will be brought to your children later.

    Thus, it realized a fair principle: “What goes around, comes around”, forcing to pay more attention to the education of their children, as well as guarantee a decent amount of indexed pensions. In case you have not fulfilled their duty to the procreation and education of children, power will provide you with the necessary minimum, at the expense of society.

    A decent pension in your hands.

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