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    7.20. The freedom to choice where to live and work

    Being a citizen of power, everyone has the right to choose their place of residence and work.

    Registration of citizens, in practice, violate the rights and freedom of citizens. Examples of restrictions freedoms: the issuance of loans, vehicle registration, a passport, driver’s license, employment in some organizations and other bureaucracy.

    In this connection it is necessary to eliminate the institution of registration of citizens, both in their permanent place of residence and place of temporary residence.

    In the new social system, with fair remuneration system, each person can choose to work on the heart, in which he will be able to fully realize their potential.

    Fair remuneration system also allows you to work on home turf, rather than seek higher-paying job in another territory.

    Foreign citizens can get a work visa to work in the territory of the state. Salaries should correspond to operating in the territory of his country.

    The employer must pay the foreign citizens who have the right to work in the territory of powers, equal pay with their existing powers to citizens.

    The difference in the payment of foreign nationals should come into power budget.

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