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    7.2. The purpose of the system

    Nowadays as in the fable: swan, the crayfish and pike are pulling cargo each to his own, with his own thoughts, and therefore can not move the goods from their seats. That was the desired result you need to use the gift of the creator – common sense.

    Common sense tells us that it is necessary first to define the purpose, the image to be pursued. Since we live in a society, the goal should be general and should reflect the interests of everyone. Only in this way we can effectively move in a predetermined, desired all direction.

    In a harmonious social system to be a single image, in which it develops and to which aspires. This image must live in every citizen, to which it will be guided in the formation of his thoughts and actions. Having a single image, the society will live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

    The purpose of the social system based on common sense – to generate an environment that will shape a person living in the image and in harmony. An environment in which there is a place for everyone and creative freedom. Recreate harmony, to maintain it and pass on from generation to generation. Defend the common values ​​of society inherent in every human being. Ensure fairness and sanity in the society.

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