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    7.19. Business

    Business – is the basis of work power. In other words, the prosperity of powers depends on the business. In this regard, it is impossible to offend the business, but on the contrary, in every possible way to encourage and assist.

    Any registered company, providing effective business plan should be able to get an interest-free loan in the state bank. Such a scheme, taking into account the control of non-cash money will be repaid many times increase in power economy.

    With the necessary amount of money and creative technology or simply a product in demand, the new company will enter the market easily and to press the Giants.

    I – Creator of the universe, there is in every human being. Everyone, revealing the soul, able to work and has such a need. Business – is a great opportunity to realize his plan, to meet the needs of society, including in the workplace. To be a businessman in the public system on the basis of common sense honorable and respected by society. Businessman create yourself a workplace and he is the head of the enterprise. Could there be a better incentive to build a business? Stimulus is a lot of money divides society into classes, that is curled, crime, hatred, social tension, hidden slavery, undermining the health and life threatening.

    Taking professional work, should pay attention not to diplomas and work history, and on the existing knowledge and skills. Diploma and labor history – only the likelihood that people will cope. Who among graduates can remember stuff and solve the problem, for which he received a diploma and assessment? Remember that the existing education may be far from perfect. At the same time capable and enthusiastic people without a diploma is able to make important discoveries for society and lead the team.

    The new social system, people are working not for money, and contributes to the harmony of the surrounding environment. In this connection, any country which has passed to a new social system, which implements the principle of common sense, can boast of the highest quality manufactured goods and services to it.

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