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    7.18. Economy

    The economy must be economical and efficient in the new economic system. Take into account the shared values ​​that are protected by the Constitution.

    The economy must not live in the sale of natural resources. The economy must be based on the production of goods and services.

    The costs of their expediency, profit enterprises for the extraction and distribution of natural resources must be strictly controlled power.

    Profits from the sale of natural resources should only go to business development, which should be the basis of the economy.

    Economy in the State should be innovative, self-contained, self-sufficient and self-sustaining. To fulfill these conditions, everywhere should support domestic producers.

    People always sense of social justice, and so he will not support the domestic producers, who will make a profit and to fill her own pockets. Stuffing their pockets, producers slave owners will be again, and the people are slaves.

    To support the people of the domestic manufacturer is necessary that all the profits belonged to power, ie the people.

    Efficient Economy in the State is not possible with bloated and inefficient bureaucracy. The new social system “Sanity” managerial and executive apparatus is minimized as much as possible, so you can quickly make important decisions and not to spend all the taxes that are part of the working people of the result.

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