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    7.16. Family

    A family – foundation of society and the direct component of the Powers.

    The well-being of the family – is a prerequisite and the goal of social development.

    Every citizen has the right to start a family after 6 months of cohabitation.

    Thoughtless and frivolous attitude towards the family leads to the suffering of spouses who have lost their families and children, as well as defective development, education and the suffering of children. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to strictly define the responsibility for a family break.

    Each family may be voluntarily divorced. Divorce can be approved after 6 months of trying to establish relations of spouses.

    Husband, whose actions led to the divorce has to leave the family, leaving the children, property and real estate, as well as to pay child support for minor children. There should be no difference between a man leaves his family or a woman.

    Spouse, if it has capacity and does not violate the law, is obliged to take part in the education of minors, as children – the greatest gift and responsibility.

    Power is obligated to pay the employer granted leave for pregnancy and child care. If at the time of holidays woman in labor had no work, then pay for it this time.

    In each area should be carried out activities aimed to choose a pair of lonely. Regular attendance at religious centers – a great opportunity to find a mate.

    A great opportunity to identify people who are looking for a pair of common hallmark, for example, item of clothing, the color, stripe and so on. Such a distinctive sign should be only those who do not have a pair, and regardless of age. Then it will be clear whether it is possible to come and meet you, as well as attempts to eliminate it with love a family man.

    Social system “Sanity” is the only one that solves all the major problems of a family:

    Where to start a family? Accommodation at very favorable terms is able to buy anyone a young professional. The full accommodation will not be a pension and a big question, and already in his youth.
    When to start a family? More free time to build and strengthen the family. No need to travel far to work because the work is the same everywhere paid. There will be no urgent need to have 2 or more jobs to be able to pay the mortgage on the property, and more or less decent life.
    With whom to start a family? Equal pay and equal social status significantly expand the choice of partner. Women will be looking for is not money, and mutual love.
    Create family wishes everyone, but not everyone can find a mate.

    Man, look for a partner, in fact, is not looking for similar interests, habits and character, and he’s looking for you. Everyone should remember that he is the Creator incarnated on Earth, to create harmony. Then the question of creating couples will no longer be so acute. Just look at a partner’s eyes, through which actually looks Creator, and answer the question, I can see there is a Creator, that is, himself. The creator of the world view, interests and character is one. The only question is how it is manifested in a partner.

    In Russian there is a great word – FAMILY. It consists of two words: Seven and I. It means that the family – it’s me 7, ie 7 Creator incarnations.

    When a boy and girl love each other and decided to start a family, then in fact, I love myself, I found myself in another his incarnation, and he decided to start a family with him.

    Take care of yourself, respect yourself and love yourself! For nothing in the world except me, the Creator.

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