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    7.15. Earth

    The land belongs to the people power, not individual citizens. Land should be provided to the people free of charge in the form of targeted, long-term lease.

    The land must not be subject to sales and speculation, as well as inherited. But the heir, wishing to continue the work of the parents has a preferential right.

    Land should not be abandoned and ownerless. Such land must be used for its intended purpose or planted forests.

    Every citizen has the right to take the land for residence and work.

    Only 6 acres for construction of houses
    12 acres for construction of houses, orchard and garden
    From 30 acres to cultivate and grow crops for sale
    It is necessary to create a detailed map of the geophysical anomalies. Construction of houses, buildings, roads and pipelines must take into account the geophysical anomalies that affect the physical and mental health, safety, and natural and economic costs.

    The land belongs to the Earth, and Power, located on the territory of the Earth, must take care of the land, its fertility and purity.

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