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    7.14. Taxes

    A person born in power, owed nothing to anybody, but to obey their parents.
    Upon reaching adulthood, and the specialty, he has the right to contribute to the creation and maintenance of harmony in his power.

    We have a lot of power problems that its citizens have agreed to perform for the common good. To perform these tasks need the money drawn from tax revenues from power of citizens.
    Having adopted society, cashless pay system adopted by the tax levy should be charged to non-cash accounts automatically.

    Thus, in the new social system is not inherent in other systems, bureaucracy and impermanence. So there are no problems of non-payment of taxes and tax liability before the law.

    Inland Revenue size is to be calculated annually based on the cost of execution of tasks.

    The effectiveness of the use of tax funds in the new social system on the principles of common sense is much higher than in other systems.

    Efficiency is achieved a significant reduction in maintenance costs of the government apparatus, the army, police, prisons, as well as at the expense of both partial and full self-financing of individual budget items. And also at the expense of full control and transparency of the power budget. every citizen just want to pay taxes in a public system, as a result, desired by citizens, and there will be for the benefit of each and every citizen.

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