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    7.13. Money

    Money – the equivalent of working there. Money is created to share the results of labor.

    Money – is the cause of crimes against the people of the country, fowl, nature, natural resources. So is it the cause of pain, divorce, illness, depression.

    Economy means a total savings on everything possible, including the resources of the working man pay for his health, the ecosystem.

    With the purpose of its existence, a profit and, as a result, more money, it is impossible to exist in harmony between man and his environment.

    Time to solve the many problems of society requires all domestic money transfer in the country’s non-cash funds placed in one and the only state-owned bank.

    State Bank should monitor the movement of funds in order to prevent the commission of crimes.

    The bank’s network to be isolated from the external Internet.

    Powers freely convertible currency must be strictly controlled. Be freely available, but strictly limited by the amount and purpose. Thus, the entire equivalent of the entire power of the study results will be within the power, for the benefit and prosperity of the nation.

    Money – is the equivalent of the labor and should be the equivalent of labor, rather than monetary fraud and speculation.

    Money should not make money, as this leads to devaluation as a result of labor.
    Money should be given power in the form of interest-free loans to businesses and citizens to purchase real estate.

    Money – is the equivalent of labor, respectively, each has to be paid according to his work. Any work equally important, regardless of function. President of the country – is the highest position in the State. President works no more plumbing or porter. President of the country, as well as director of the company – an honorable public office.

    Always remember that it is the workers employed in the manufacture or operation of feeding the rest from their bosses and businessmen, to the police and army officials and the president. After all, the rest are only serving the working units engaged in the production, which is the backbone of the economy.

    Directors should be outstanding and creative people, and reward for their work, in addition to wage – it is an opportunity to realize their ideas, as well as the respect and esteem of the public contribution. Motivation is more than enough to do business. Labor of Directors shall be paid efficiently and not have a difference with a work of highly qualified specialists. In practice, however now the difference of wages of dozens of times, as if he is physically unloads dozens of times more cars and maintains dozens of times more technique than one specialist.

    With equal pay, each person gets freedom of choice of profession to their liking. And with multiple difference in pay, a person has to acquire knowledge uninteresting his profession, to which he did not belong to the soul, and to which he has no powers. Hence incompetent managers, bringing great damage to the country, subordinates and citizens of the country. Working in their specialty, to which a person is a soul, has the talent and ability, a person is able to work miracles for the benefit of society. To do this, he does not need extra motivation.

    Equal pay for each specialty, but must be coefficients corresponding to skill level, quality of work and labor participation. The difference in pay unskilled specialist and highly qualified specialists should not exceed 100%.

    The only source of income of the person to be his wages, benefits or pension. If desired, everyone can get in his spare time from work a second job. Thus, his salary should not exceed twice the size, if it works on average in 8 hours for each work.

    Everyone has the right to dispose of their personal time, including a second job. If two full work 8 hours is still possible to combine, then you have a third operation is not permitted because the quality of work is already under a lot of doubt and this can lead to loss of health, occupational traumatism. With the need for the full sleep and personal time, the third work is more like a fraud and deceit.

    Businesses, real estate, land, vehicles and other property owned by the failure or power after the owner’s death.

    Businesses, real estate, land may not sell, transfer to other hands, and inherit.
    Property and land can claim the heirs (the owner family), but subject to the waiver of such other property.

    Permanent housing and the land should be the only ones. Allowed to have no more than one additional property for a family.

    Given the high social welfare of citizens, individuals are allowed to transfer money only family members and close relatives.

    No additional sources of income to minimize crime, corruption, and teaches each person to live according to his work.

    The level of income of each citizen power is determined by its current qualification coefficient of labor participation, the quality of labor factor, as well as a wealth of power.

    Do you dream to become rich? So, you still did not understand … Let’s put all on the shelves to make it clear.

    Money – the result of labor.

    Wealth – having pretty much a lot of money than other people.

    Since all work about the same and have approximately the same result of work, the pursuit of big money, is the assignment of another’s work results, ie robbing and enslavement of honest workers.

    It turns out that the Creator wants to rob and enslave the Creator. And because the Creator is one and one, it turns out that you wish yourself to rob and enslave. And I have all their desires are fulfilled. Because I love myself. Creator willed creator did.

    The rich can not be all just be a few can rich.

    All can and should live well and in full prosperity. There will be rich (slave owners), there will be poor (slaves).

    Work hard for the benefit of power. The richer will power, the richer you will be stronger and peace on Earth.

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