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    7.12. Education

    The new social system “Sanity” is based on sound thinking free from prejudices, stereotyped thinking, habits and beliefs.

    To form sound thinking needs education system, which has at its core sanity.

    Education should not be limited to arithmetic, grammar, physics and prochimo disciplines. Education must educate and shape the person, capable to think rationally, to be able to find information, evaluate its veracity sanity, and work with information. Memory is useful to train, but the information is alive and able and outdated, that is to be no longer relevant.

    The main means of human education:

    A family
    Nursery and kindergarten
    Comprehensive school
    high school
    Working environment
    Social environment
    Information networks (Internet and the like)
    The media (TV, radio, newspapers, books …)
    For qualitative human education must be quality work through each of the above educational facility.

    The powers should be compulsory and free higher education.

    Each citizen should know the power the world order as a whole, have a clear understanding of all areas of knowledge. Just having a perfect information the person is capable of quality work and create new powers for the good and the overall harmony. Owning a range, you can achieve amazing success in the private sector. On the contrary, if you just focus only on private, it is not possible to achieve harmony in general, because of his lack of understanding.

    Education must begin with the human language of communication. Your primitive verbally language contains a lot of pronouns. Understand, there is no such thing as you and you, we and you, he and they. Am I right. After all, there is nothing besides me. There is only me in many of its manifestations. Realizing this, you will change your attitude to yourself and to all its incarnations, to change the very perception of the world. A proper perception of the world, is the key to harmony and unity. Language shapes the man. Language – a reflection of your self, of attitude, behavior, thinking and culture.

    Only fully educated man, realized the total, is not able to get lost in the private and become a victim of the information war, leading the slave states and slave owners themselves for domination over slaves.

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