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    7.11. Solving problems in the new social system

    All the problems in the society must be addressed collectively, on the basis of common sense, which takes into account the cause and distant consequences. Solving problems is necessary to consider all the common values, allowing harmoniously fit into the world.

    Now there is no reason to curse the government and endure their miserable existence. Said at a meeting about the problem and work together, based on common sense, choose it.

    The problem – the result of an imbalance, balance, harmony, which starts acting force aimed at restoring harmony.

    The problem is the problem, which asks that it decided.

    Each problem contains the solution.

    Solution is a sequence of actions aimed at its solution.

    The solution begins with the collection of information about the problem.
    Further, it turns out the reason that caused the problem.
    As the reason, always contains its solution, the solution is formed. Forming a solution must be remembered that particular problem may be part of the global problem.
    Having a ready-made solution, formed the plan of sequential actions that implement the decision.
    Solution to the problem should take into account the far-reaching consequences that should not infringe upon common values.
    Meeting the challenges and the holding of elections can be conducted in the spiritual centers.

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