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    7.10. The responsibility for the offense

    If there is a crime, then there is a problem in the public system. People by nature are not willing to break the laws of society, they just have to do it, because incorrect shared values ​​and the laws do not protect them.

    In the public system, based on common sense will protect all of the common values ​​which are inherent in every human being. Therefore, crime is reduced to a minimum and is determined only by the hereditary human health. Which is about 2% of the population.

    Mere depersonalization and strict control of the money nullifies the desire to commit many crimes. And the opportunity to purchase a property with no problems and the same wages for different specialists, allow nullify the rest of the crimes.

    We should work following the principles laid down by the Creator in action: “What you sow, so shall you reap. Do as you wish them to do unto you. ”

    When a person wants to steal, it emits a program of deprivation of property, which in turn irradiates his own. Creator does not punish anyone, he gives everything just wish people. Thus, wishing to deprivation of property, the person should get his own – losing their property for the benefit of the victim. That is cause and effect, as well as the law of justice, founded the creator.

    Similarly, you should be rewarded all the acts of man. If it is impossible to compensate the victim in the same, that is offset by an equivalent labor – money. If you are robbed, the robbers must compensate for everything, including the full damages. The very fact of recognition of human victims, is proof of causing moral damage to him to be fully compensated. Who wants to be affected, even if the perpetrator is caught and punished?

    As you can see, the Creator has not given us laws, but only laid down the general principle of fairness. Laws are needed only in transition settings Society. Even if there are laws, they only ensure the protection of the principles of justice.

    The presumption of innocence needs to be in action. You can not put a man in jail and try to prove his guilt. And if you can not prove the guilt of releasing, just say “free”. Man unjustly suffered. First, you must avoid like. Secondly, if this happens, then fully compensate for all the suffering, including loss of time, loss of profit and damages.

    In the proof of guilt is necessary to use all the advanced techniques that do not harm human health. Among these methods of information retrieval can use proven psychic abilities certified specialists in this area, as well as cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

    Information is the creator, any action, and even the thought ever found in the form of images in the book of life – the spirit of the Creator. This book can be read any practitioner of the path of the Creator.

    Given the lack of any motive for the commission of crimes in the new social system, and the fact that information can not be removed and request a trained person, as well as any action that will affect the man himself, any sensible person will disappear by any desire to break the law.

    The extremely low level of crime in the new society, as well as general human values ​​protection will allow to feel safe, to live comfortably and happily.

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