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    7.1. The essence of the system

    At the top of the pyramid of power – the people shaping needs and solve problems on the basis of common sense.
    In the middle of the pyramid – the territorial representatives of the people, fulfilling the will of the people, organize the needs and solve the problems, some of which decides on the spot on the basis of common sense.

    At the bottom of the pyramid – the president, in fact, is the executive director. Doing the will of the regional meeting of representatives of the people. Presides at a meeting of representatives of the regions, which solved the problems of society, using the principles of common sense. It represents the interests of power in the international community.

    Figure 8

    Pyramid of power in the public system, “Sanity”.

    The sensible social system, the real power belongs not to the leader or group of people, including behind the scenes, and not even the majority. As history shows, the majority manipulated efficiently. The power belongs to sanity, where every citizen has the right to declare the judgment, stating the reason and distant effects of the proposed solutions.

    sanity authority takes into account the cause and consequences for human, nature and all life on earth, as common sense teaches us to live in harmony with all.

    Power sanity clear, the will of the people and is accountable to the people.

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