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    6. The public system

    Environment shapes human. Throughout the history of mankind, it has been replaced and there are plenty of social systems.

    Currently, there are the following public system:

    The following well-known history of the main types of industrial relations:

    the primitive communal system
    The primitive communal system is a pre-class social order. Slavery, feudalism and capitalism are all forms of society based on the enslavement and exploitation of the working masses. Socialism is a social system, free from exploitation of man by man. But in all social systems, power always belonged to one person, family or party

    It has never been a democracy. Democracy is a disguised form of management of the masses in order to get a group of people power. Public opinion can be easily formed by using modern means of managing the masses of people. To make a revolution quite certain amount of money and a couple of trained mass management.

    All forms of power – direct or covert forms of enslavement of the masses. Since capitalism used enslavement improved technology where voluntary bondage is used instead of the whip. Man brainwashed believes that it is true and it must be so.

    The pyramid of power.

    At the top of the pyramid of power – the king, emperor, monarch, Secretary General, the President – a representative of a political party.

    In the middle of the pyramid – the authorities to monitor and control the masses.

    At the bottom of the pyramid – the mass of slaves, the workers forcibly or voluntarily for meager pay, barely supporting person, exactly at that level, to deter riots and unrest. This at least makes slaves all his life to work to provide for themselves the most necessary means for existence: apartment, car, food, clothing and medicines.

    The power of money is inefficient and wasteful for all living things and people. And pay people to maintain harmony with nature is not economically profitable. Profit dictates the economy on the whole and at any cost.
    Voluntary slavery in modern society.

    Since ancient times, known history of mankind existed and continues to exist slavery.

    Slavery – a system that forces people to make more work for minimum wage.
    Slave owners – persons forcibly appropriating the lion’s share of remuneration of labor equivalent of slaves.

    Slaves – people who voluntarily (fraud) or forcibly turns the significant part of their remuneration slaveholders.

    using modern technology, support of slavery in modern society. Modern slave thinks he is free, he could always go, that everything is true, that he may become a slave owner or approximate and enslave others. In practice, the conditions are such that it can take anywhere from one to another slave owner, and without that slave labor will not survive, where to pay for everything, and just can not build a house on common land.

    In today’s society we need to work all my life, denying themselves everything, just to buy a full-fledged housing, where you can start to live and raise a family. But what family is the end of life?
    As an alternative, you can take out a loan at high interest rates, permitting wages and lifetime to repeatedly pay for housing by the end of life. There would have to be able to recover the cost of housing, not to mention the large percentage that multiply the debt. And if that happens in the country or health, then, no matter how deprived of housing and disbursed. Man lives in constant stress, accumulating amount or paying the loan for housing. What is a complete family, low crime, health and happiness can be said?

    Slaveholders in his class just as the slaves are not allowed, the system conditions make it difficult to be a servant, a slave owner. It can only be their approximate, and if it is strong and dodge the slaveholder. But it’s still the same slave system.

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