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    5. Martial art “The Creator’s Way”

    At all times a professional soldier was a practical embodiment of the level of development of the society, and thus the living example to follow. Concepts such as fortitude, willpower, courage, courage, honor, heroism, heroism, self-sacrifice, to serve the interests of society, military savvy and strategy, as well as the ability to use the latest achievements of science and technology unique to the professional soldier.

    The path of the Creator – it is a philosophy, psychology, knowledge, lifestyle, spiritual development, as well as it is a martial art, designed at the highest level of quality to raise living examples to be emulated – the foundation of a healthy society.

    As a martial art, “The Way of the Creator” leads apprentice warrior to warrior-Creator when he realized, becomes a part of the Creator – all things.

    The creator has a lot of their opposites. The task of the soldier – to help carry out its main task of the Creator – the fulfillment of desires of its incarnations, that is to maintain the harmony and balance of opposites.

    When your enemy creates a desire to kill you, then its intentions and actions are reflected in the army, as in a mirror, right at the very enemy. Thereby the enemy signed his own death warrant.
    A warrior does not commit violence, on the contrary, he loves every incarnation of the Creator and the Creator helps fulfill the heart’s desire to kill the enemy assassin incarnation of the Creator, that is, himself. Since the Creator is all its incarnations, as the creator may refuse to himself in his innermost desire?

    As the “Way of the Creator” is the martial art of maintaining harmony and balance in the balance of opposites, once she learns to kill, then as its opposite, it teaches to treat. But do not treat the disease and its consequences, and the man himself, eliminating the cause of the disease.

    As you can see, the Creator, as he is a warrior, so he and the doctor.

    Martial arts “The Way of the Creator” – is a holistic system of spiritual, mental and physical development of man, which prepares perfect soldiers standing guard over peace and harmony.
    In short, the martial art of “Way of the Creator” is:

    Inner harmony.
    The outer harmony.
    Coordination of internal and external harmony.
    Maintaining the overall harmony.
    Perfect warrior on the path of the Creator, is able to:

    To see things as they really are.
    See the root cause.
    See distant consequences.
    Determine the optimal right action.
    Effectively manage operations, processes, and people.
    Orientation in space and time without the devices and in total darkness.
    Finding objects in space without any special tools.
    Reflect any aggression on himself the aggressor.
    To fight against overwhelming odds, including unarmed.
    Evade arrows and bullets, including the hidden sniper fire.
    Pass freely through the protected reinforced posts.
    In advance to determine the intention of the enemy.
    Manage the intention of the enemy.
    To manage their feelings, emotions, thoughts, intentions and actions.
    A complete diagnosis of the health status of a living organism, as well as the status of any equipment.
    To survive in harsh conditions.
    Effectively treat themselves and people.
    Martial arts “The Way of the Creator” will be very interesting:

    Professional armed forces,
    Special Forces
    Special forces,
    Federal Security Service,
    Federal Guard Service,
    Law enforcement agencies,
    the police,
    Each of perfection a man who chose a “Way of the Creator,” as the basis of life.
    Martial arts “The Way of the Creator” – is not self-defense system, not a sports discipline, no special training courses, as a way of life. Accordingly, the learning must be long.

    Learning martial art “Way of the Creator” should be carried out in a closed, remote, secluded spiritual center – the monastery. In view of the very serious preparation, have to be carefully selected students.
    Education in spiritual centers – the monastery “Way of the Creator” – a high-quality, prestigious, unique higher education for key staff with powers “Sanity” social system. Be a graduate from such training, it is to be a model of modern sane person, a role model.

    Admission to the Spiritual Center – Monastery “The Way of the Creator” with 6 years. Completion of training at 24 years. After which graduates must fulfill its mission – to serve and work for the benefit of power, peace and harmony.

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