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    4.6. I think what I’m doing

    Once you have learned to be aware of their actions, it would be nice to improve the quality of action.

    When you eat, think only about the food. Examines food by sight, absorb its odors, enjoy its taste, control the amount of food intake, so as not to overeat. One-fourth of the stomach should always be empty.
    When you go outdoors, for example in the forest, the forest absorbs odors, the sounds of birds and trees. Enjoy the sunshine and the coolness of the shade. Behold the splendor of colors of nature.
    When you work, think about the work of the task at hand and specific actions. Dedicate all working time work honestly and conscientiously carry contribute to creating harmony in the workplace and in the country. Qualitatively take care of all, and then the general will take good care of private, ie you.
    Think only what you are doing at the moment. Thus, you will learn how to combine the spirit, mind and body together. Moreover, it will be effective, do not get tired, expend less energy, as well as to generate more power to act. You will become stronger spiritually, mentally and physically.

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