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    4.5. Expanding awareness

    The higher level of perfection, the more abilities and power as well as responsibility for their actions. By their actions, you will form an increasingly strong desire, so monitor their actions.

    Be aware of every thought and every action. Be aware of the cause of each of your actions. Be aware of your perception of the world and your place, as a minimum, on the planet Earth.

    To make it easier to understand yourself and those around you space, move the center of your world view on the center of world perception of the Creator. After all, the Creator sees and understands everything. Creator looks through your eyes, on your side, and you are out of space.

    Realizing yourself, learn to be aware of the surroundings. Start with a close range and gradually extends its realization up to 10 meters around itself and beyond. It is important to some distance, but the quality awareness. You should feel the location, and even the movement of the other person’s eyelashes at a distance.

    To facilitate the understanding of space, the partner may perform greeting Creator by contacting with every part of your body, as well as to make active movements, as the object changes in the space easier to feel.

    Awareness of your life will help to realize your desires that the Creator will certainly fulfill. And you will be able to control their desires to be fulfilled in the life of the school and in the book of life.

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