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    4.4. Absolute Health

    Poor health distracting thoughts, interferes with concentration, live fully and improve.
    If you have no pain, it does not mean that you are absolutely healthy …

    Disease – a consequence of misinformation from the body, as well as a hint from the Creator of the wrong way of life, thinking and behavior. So be grateful to the Creator for these clues for further action.

    Any illness is the root cause and needs constant nourishment. Deprive her make-up and eliminate the root cause, and will depart disease. Better not to tighten and prevent disease in the right way of life. Any illness should have the right result, so ponder over the true cause of every illness and adjust your lifestyle.

    Do not blindly listen to the doctors, and listen to your body better, Creator and sanity.

    Hunger, a dry hunger, as well as the transition to a higher power level allow the body to cope with what he could not handle in the process of withdrawal of waste from the body.

    Do not rush to the other world, just because you turned number of years and have recorded in the retirees. A person must actively live 150 years or more, for a shorter period does not agree.

    Man alive, until he gets the information quality of the environment and creates the desire to live. your body’s cells are constantly being updated, so that people always young and full of energy.

    Man grows old because violated qualitative renewal of cells. The reason for this wrong way of life and information about the environment through numerous intermediaries, each of which makes its own distortions. Therefore, eat properly and refer to the original source.

    How would people not tried to maintain their health in top condition, we should not forget that the environment strongly influences the person.

    Living in a society oriented profit, you get a full all its negative consequences. In order to maximize the profit of the enterprise is added to water and food products, cosmetics and household chemicals toxic waste products, such as fluorine, chlorine and others. In this way they get rid of the costly waste, extend the life of products and increase productivity, give them the necessary qualities and properties.

    If you do not drink chlorinated or fluoridated water, you take water treatments, absorbing toxins through the air and skin. The same water is used in foods: milk, juice drinks, as well as food products, in which there is either used such water. Even if in your country will not use toxic and unnecessary waste of your body, then you will get them through the products imported.

    Take, for example, the most common product – bread. Modern bread is made of water, refined (devoid of nutrients) of flour, yeast and thermophilic different additives. Are you sure you use safe and clean water? You know, that is used for the production of thermophilic yeast? Read the Standard and you will be shocked with toxic and hazardous components. A supplement to the bread is rarely limited to the salt and natural spices.

    If you take water from underground sources and springs, it does not guarantee the purity of the water. Periodically occurring intentional and accidental emissions of toxic substances.

    Modern fertilizers, crop pests as well are made of toxic substances.
    Increasing the consumption of genetically modified food does not pass in vain for health.
    Many people use an electric kettle and a thermos. Porcelain, ceramics, glass and stainless steel – it is good. But seals and plastic parts in the cap may contain toxic substances.

    If you were able to protect themselves from industrial poisons in food and water, then that’s great, but think about what you breathe. Daily enterprises emitted large amounts of waste in the air, add here emissions from automobiles, the harmful substances from the road periodic fires.

    Modern man lives in a powerful electromagnetic radiation from broadcasting, power lines, electrical appliances, and many in the cell phone pocket.

    These consequences of society based on profit greatly misleads the human body, since the external environment has become aggressive inside of an aggressive environment, whereby cells are regenerated not qualitatively, and the internal organs do not work consistently and strongly weakened.

    To gain absolute health do the following:

    Carefully read this book, be aware of the nature and live according to the principles set out in it.
    Protect yourself from the powerful influence of the information through the media misinformation, the Internet and individuals.
    Anyone do not believe, even to themselves, and learn to hear the Creator in order to receive information from the source. Trust only the Creator and sanity.
    Take on the nature of the minimum required for life and productive work.
    Plan all your life and follow this plan, if necessary correcting it and focusing on the general plan, plan every future day.
    Regularly give up solid food, 1 day per week and 1 time per year from 3 to 42 days as experience.
    Live in harmony with oneself and the world.
    Spirit, mind and body should be one well-oiled mechanism.
    Think about what you are doing and do it with maximum quality.
    Do not do to others what you do not want to imagine. Honor the shared values ​​that are described in this book.
    Think about the common good and private to you next come. But do not forget that for every thought should follow the action.
    Configure the desire to live active and the right way of life.
    Follow the path of the Creator, and you will live long in good health and happiness.

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