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    4.3. Food for improvement

    Having mastered the previous part of the way, you can move on and in food. Since power is the information exchange with the environment, it is desirable to exchange information at a better level.

    Have you ever wondered why you eat? Why do you eat? What you eat? Why the gastrointestinal tract? And for good reason.

    The gastrointestinal tract is necessary to provide the newborn which was born of information about the world. Newborn still only began to unfold according to plan-the image of an adult. He has not yet developed anything and he can not make informed choices and to make a conscious action. While growing and developing organism is not mature, it is necessary to eat. But he needs to consume only the necessary minimum of food, so as not to cause harm to give the child to control how much food and it is. Do not be afraid if it is hungry, you about this immediately recognize. He will not agree to less food than it needs for growth and development.

    When a person is mature and able to give a report to the acts (of 24 years), you can move on to better nutrition, which is the direct exchange of information with the environment.

    Food – it numerous incarnations of the Creator. If you do not eat the embodiments of the Creator, who have eyes, that’s good, but the plants and fruits too incarnation of the Creator, but at a lower level. In any case, you get information about the world through intermediaries, accordingly, this information is distorted. The bodies of animals information is distorted much less in the vegetation. Thermal processing, mixing foods and products from other regions as distort information.

    As a result, distortion of information about the environment your body greatly disoriented and not always capable of adapting to a full life and survival. As a result, people get sick and die. After feeding on the bodies of the Creator, people form the desire to be eaten.

    Think about the list of sequence information about the world.

    The source of information – the Creator.
    Sun, Earth, Air, Water.
    As you can see from the above list, the person receives information about the world through a fairly long sequence of different incarnations of the Creator, which distort the information in turn.
    Gastrointestinal tract – is a juicer that extracts water from the food, for the information contained in it for the environment. Water is the best material for flexibility and stability that is necessary for the data carrier. Being flexible, water records everything in its path, which complicates the perception of information coming from the primary source. Any book, for example, is an analogue of the water, as a source of information. Are there many books have you read that right handed and without distorting information about the primary source – the Creator? Yes, all that you hear, see, read, and so on, there is information about the Creator, everything that exists, because there is nothing but the Creator.

    How to switch to a higher quality, then there is a direct exchange of information with the environment? To do this, you need to be phased out from the intermediate types of food, allowing the body to adapt to each stage. Money had to be no violence on themselves and the body. Eat the bare minimum and only when you are confident that the really hungry and just enough to satisfy your hunger and thirst. Meals can be 3 times a day, 1 time a day or even 1 time in several days, the main thing to know how to listen to yourself. Spirit, mind and body must act in concert to mature for each step.

    Discard the products of animal origin.
    Discard the heat treatment.
    Avoid as far as possible from the products from another region.
    Discard the mixing food.
    Discard the coarse vegetable food, eating only their juices.
    Discard the juice going to the water.
    Give up drinking water, eating only own saliva. If suddenly there is no way to make up the moisture in the body, then drink the minimum.
    Before you give up something in the diet, you should clearly understand that in order to live, we just need to properly form the desire – to live. This is the main and only requirement.
    Of course, if you do you eat and drink, and lie idly by doing nothing, I think that you are going to die, and all his actions are building this desire.

    Man alive, yet he communicates with the environment, and any action there is an exchange of information with the environment, respectively, can be fed only actions, fulfilling its mission. In order to operate, only need your strong desire. A nutrition food, water, and even breathing, are not needed to perform the action. Indeed, in most of the mission contains everything necessary for its implementation, as in any tasks is contained turnkey solution and everything you need to address it.
    But if you firmly believe, to live day to 100 times to worship, then, without fulfilling this condition, you will die. The same applies to eating food, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, calories and so on.
    Now you are firmly convinced that in order to live, you need good nutrition – that’s exactly right for you, since you are so arranged. Your body is working on clearly laid down in your program.

    In order to completely give up power or even just go to a different kind of food, you need to let your spirit, mind and body fully switched to a new program that fits your diet.
    Refusal of food is not an end in itself, as an indirect indicator that should he come naturally, not forced, as a result of spiritual growth.

    For each stage in the food you need to fully mature and plan for it, and then act, listening carefully to him. To the next stage can only move when the body adapts and fully restore normal body weight. All excess as body fat and full of the digestive tract is not considered.

    It is certainly possible and quickly move to the rejection of food, but why? You’re not in a competition and do it only for themselves. In addition, if the forced transition, it may cause severe intoxication. A phased transition is detoxifies the body, step by step, allowing it to easily adapt and ruffle effects of the previous stage of the power.

    Not spits his saliva, on the other hand, stimulate the release of her and eat her. Stimulate saliva flow can be sucking object such as a button, or chewing sulfur. By the way, the sulfur is much more useful chewing gum, just look at their structure. When you sweat does not run directly into the shower, let the sweat is absorbed into the body and nourish it, and only after a dry, go in the shower. Also organism perfectly absorbs water from the environment, so dive into water, and swim, take a shower and do rinsing the oral cavity.

    Listen, what and how much you should eat, whether it gives you really enjoy and which has an effect on you this or that product or type of food.

    If you find it hard, and you feel you’re not ready for this level of power, take a step back and continue to work on yourself.

    From the very first stage lead an active lifestyle – just move outdoors, run, actively engage the muscles, take a contrast shower and bath with a cold stream of water at the end. Also, do not expose the common values ​​and create harmony. All this creates the desire to live, to cultivate and fulfill the purpose of the Creator pledged.

    With each step of rejecting certain foods you will begin to feel more and more subtly, both yourself and the environment. The universe is full of energy and information. Realizing and feeling that energy and information, be a part of the universe, and you’ll never need to recharge and be able to live as you want and as long as you generate the will to live and fulfill its mission.

    With each step you will feel a surge of strength and health. When you will go entirely to a life without food, then it released a huge life energy, which includes the hidden possibilities of man. Your immune system will cope with any task, and you will forget about the illness.

    If you give up the power, it also promises significant benefits not only for you, your budget, but also for the environment. Think of curiosity about issues such as the economy and the environment, especially if it is not in the individual, and on a large scale. You do not need to be cooking utensils and equipment, money for food, space for storage, cooking and eating, as well as a toilet and sewer system. You’ll be fine, natural smell, forget about medicines and hospitals. Save a huge amount of natural resources, including vast land area.

    Catching up on nutrition, control yourself and your reactions to any stimuli: the smells, the actions of other people, circumstances, weather and so on. Let nothing you go astray from the true path, complete your mission.

    Books, TV, internet, chat, and so on – is also a power supply information. But note that they are all basically the human factor. Each person perceives the world and specific information on their own, thereby providing distorted information. Next, he tries to give it to a primitive human language, introducing additional distortions. As you can see, all these sources do not deserve full confidence. And therefore learn to apply to the source – the Creator and evaluate any information sanity, especially if it delivers a famous scientist and a respected doctor. Even the words of the President Be skeptical, because it says that you (his constituents) should be heard.

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