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    4.21. Creative planning

    Use creative planning, as a powerful tool for creating harmony.

    If your perfection reached a high level, as well as you will have access to read the book of life, then you have the opportunity to improve on. If you can already read the book of life, which means that you can and write it.

    As you remember, the future is not yet manifest in the book, and only outlines the vector of development of events. This vector of development of events depends on the choice of the actions of all participants of this event.

    Creative scheduling allows you to set the direction vector of the development of future events.
    Let’s look at how the creative planning by the example of your country.

    On the subject, as if pointing to your country, make the setting as you did when reading the book of life.
    Check the setting on line of the known information about your country.
    Begin to read the information about your country from the book of life.
    By reading the information, reach an important event in the future, such as the presidential election.
    Look at the presidential candidates. If a presidential candidate, you sympathize, no, register its presence in the book of life. A presidential candidate must have a real chance to become a candidate in this election and its program should reflect the desired future of the country. If you are a sane person and want to live in unity and harmony, it is logical to register a candidate who will be able to embody a new “Sanity” social system.
    Adjust the scenario of the election results in your favor. The results should be as believable.
    Scroll through the events towards the end of the presidential term. Watch successful president of “Sanity” in full detail and glory. This is an important point that will fix your presidential candidate, as president.
    After enjoying the success of your president, mount it in the book of life, the result of his successful activity – new public “Sanity” system. Enjoy living the expected results of the new social system.
    Adjusting the scenario of the future in the book of life, confidently expect to implement it, starting to live according to the new scenario.
    If all sensible people will register in the book of life of the president and a single unified image embodied the new “Reason” of the social system, the scenario of the future will have a maximum chance of implementation.

    If all propishut different candidates and different future, but the effect will be minimal.

    It is therefore important to have a single image of the president and the country’s future. Even if the country’s citizens do not have access to the book of life, but have a common and unified image of the future of his country and set up this way, the expected result is not long to wait.

    The perfect man feels the harmony, with both internal and external. And at the slightest infringement of it immediately reacts by eliminating the cause of the violation of harmony.

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