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    4.2.3. The unity of the inner and outer harmony. Harmony with the environment

    To effectively create and maintain unity and harmony with the environment of your desires should match the desires of the surrounding environment.

    Take care of all the incarnations of the Creator. Create unity and harmony, as a result, will be beneficial to affect you, helping to improve your spirit.

    You feel the Creator? Are you ready to create harmony with the environment? Then start with the near and dear – your parents that you have created, combining their images – perfume and body – the embodiment of spirits, as well as dedicated their lives to bringing up and caring for you. Naladte relationship with them, take care of them, and maintain a harmonious relationship with them. Then enjoy a harmony in the family. Then, with those close to you and so on to your home planet.

    The creator is in everything that exists. Greet the Creator. Welcoming the Creator, you will fine-tune its incarnation of the Creator with his other incarnations. Thus, the information exchange occurs. So you are tuned to a harmonious coexistence. This will allow you to live in harmony with themselves and the environment.

    Each incarnation of the Creator for something created. All incarnations together to create the opportunity to live in harmony, mutually helping each other, and do good deeds. The Earth and the moon, sun, animals and people, water and air, plants and food, and so on, it’s all part of a complementary whole – the Creator of the body. We only cells of the body. And to live harmoniously, helping each other.

    Welcome to the Creator in his incarnation is necessary as follows.

    Raise both arms or free hand by deploying open hands to another embodiment of the Creator.
    Without touching physically, mentally touch the palms of another person or another embodiment of the body. Stroke is a contact place.
    Listen to the subtle sensations in the hands, it can be a tingling, a movement, a change in pressure or a different feeling.
    Configuring a thin contact, greet the Creator of this embodiment, and thank him for the opportunity to live and do good deeds.
    If you can not or you’re shy, you can greet on the abbreviated version:

    Raise your hand and zakontaktiruyte to another embodiment of the creator.
    Then you can greet him with phrases like, “Hello!” “Hello!”, “Hello Master!” And the like.
    The provided greeting, fine-tune the contactee’s incarnation on the harmonious coexistence and good deeds, emphasizes unity. It develops the latent faculties of man and changes his outlook and worldview. And when in contact with the food you are preparing it for proper assimilation by the body.

    Appropriate greeting – a very important component of harmonious coexistence!

    The purpose of man is not to conquer nature and the cosmos pretty shit, but to create and maintain harmony in the home planet.

    Man alive, yet he communicates with the environment. Power – energy-information exchange with the environment. Eating solid food, that is, the bodies of the other incarnations of the Creator, a person creates a desire to be eaten. As you know, wanting to eat food product, it is the body of the Creator, you radiate the information about his desire. Since you also have the body of the Creator, then you want your action, that it was eaten by his other incarnations. A creator always fulfills the desires of his incarnations. For this reason, all mortal.

    If you do not fully communicate with the environment, then you die.
    If you will eat the bodies of the Creator incarnations, then you die.
    If you fully communicate with the environment, then you will live longer and better.
    If you reach this level of perfection that will live in unity and harmony with the environment, then you will be able to live as long as you want. Moreover, you will be able at will to choose your next incarnation and implemented consciously.
    Unity and complete harmony with the environment, this is a state where you feel and see the information itself, which permeates all things, including you. Environment is a single energy-ocean. Is it possible to be hungry, being in the ocean energy and information? When you are part of a single energy-process, you do not eat the bodies of the Creator and, accordingly, are forming not want to be eaten. The creator will certainly fulfill your desire not to be eaten, and you will live as long as you want.

    Since I have all things, and I have, there is nothing but me, and it is logical for me to live with them in harmony and unity. My every incarnation should realize this.

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