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    4.2.1. Inner harmony. Harmony with you

    Since man is composed of body, mind and spirit, in order to achieve inner harmony is necessary to coordinate all of its components.

    Prior to co-ordinate its components, it is necessary to locate them, ie to determine and feel. Thus, establishing a direct and feedback with all its components.


    The human body – the embodiment, the image of the Creator’s plan in the manifest world. Your plan image of the Creator incarnated on Earth in the human body. After receiving the body, not a bad thing to get to know him.

    Completely bare, and look at your body in a big mirror. You see yourself? Look, it’s your body. Get started with careful consideration.

    Feel your body. Begin to feel your body from head to foot, focusing on tactile sensations as hand and body parts themselves. You feel? Now you know how it feels.

    Now, not touching your body, feel your body from head to feet. To help you make this task easier, mentally groping him. Feel your hair, comb it mentally with your fingers, then feel the scalp and so on, down, centimeter by centimeter, and the last toes. Now you can without touching easily feel the middle finger on his left leg?

    Well, with the outer side of your body you have read. We turn to the inside of his side.
    Feel your body from the inside, starting with the brain, eyes and so on, through all the internal organs and ending their sexual organ. To facilitate the task, review the structure of the human body according to the atlas. Now that you know precisely where each is your body and you can feel it?

    Do you think that now you are acquainted with your body? That’s not all. But what about the subtle body? You will be able to feel and see each his subtle body? Do not worry, it will come to you gradually, as your spiritual development.

    Now, having become acquainted with your body, you can listen to his condition, to feel his desire and, as the Creator, carefully execute them. For example, feeling pain or pressure in your head, try to relax this area. Feel relaxed state and comfort. You feel?
    Here stress or pain is gone. Therefore, learn to install in addition to feedback, a direct relationship with your body. So you can feel if you eat, what to eat, how much to eat, if you eat enough, do not you need pereeli. And also whether you need to move around or to relax, whether you have time to empty the bowel, restore emotional condition and tone the body, and so on.

    Maintain the thin harmony in your body.

    The human body is created in nature in this form in order to have the motivation for development of the mind.


    Already met with his body? Now get acquainted with your mind.

    The mind of man – it is a tool for the formation and organization of thoughts, planning their physical activity, the formation of perception of the world and its desires that the Creator will perform, given the desire of his other incarnations.

    The human mind is designed for organizations maintain their livelihoods and their offspring. But this was not the main task. The direct and the main purpose of the mind in man – this is a rare opportunity to develop their spirit through the creation of harmony.

    The mind of man in the manifested world, it is its main tool to learn to master to perfection.

    The mind adjusts its focus on objects and commands the scanning process information. After gathering the necessary information, the mind processes it and produces an image which is the foundation of his future actions. Reception takes place, the choice and the radiation information, similar to that which occurs in the TV or radio telephone.

    For efficient operation of such an important tool, it is necessary to learn how to tune in to the desired quality waves, ie information. In order to check how well you are able to tune in and hold the setting you want, try the following exercise.

    Sit on the floor, on his knees and outstretched foot. Completely relax your whole body. Close your eyes in order to facilitate the task. Turn off the setting to your body and the surroundings and adjust to the silence and emptiness. Even if there is background noise, continue to tune in silence.
    Get a quality tune? Now hold this setting to silence and emptiness for at least 5 minutes. There should not be any images, sounds, feelings, sounds, only emptiness. Happened? No? Then try not to be distracted during meals. Do not communicate and do not think about anything.
    Just focus on making food, taste, odor, color, texture and so on. Did not work out? Well, then at least be quiet, not making a sound, and non-irritating during the day. This exercise examines the mind working on reception and radiation, as well as to save the setting to the task.

    It remains to check the working of the mind to form desires – choice of image for the realization of the plan. I’ve said many times about the causes and consequences, freedom and responsibility, the formation of desires and their fulfillment. In fact it is one and the same. Your reality corresponds to your desires? No? So you do not know how to properly form a desire, or they are contrary to the desires of the other incarnations of the Creator.

    You to be happy and all your wishes fulfilled, change the center of your selfish world view at the center of world perception of the Creator. Just look at the solar system from the side. Found in it Earth? Now zoom in and find himself on his planet. Managed? You see yourself on the background processes in the solar system? Remember that you are the Creator and are embodied in everything that you see. You are one, and a lot of bodies. There is a desire to take care of and maintain harmony in the solar system? Yes? Great! How do you feel now? Surely you have a feeling of responsibility and a desire to act. And if people like you will be the majority and the power of desire advantage in your favor, your desires will be fulfilled without fail, and you will be happy. Configure the right desires, which, ultimately,

    Now that you know how your mind works perfectly.

    Creating unity and harmony, you improve your spirit.


    Spirit – a complete information education, formative plan finished image.

    The spirit of man – this is the spirit of the Creator, embodied in Plan-image of the person.

    The purpose of manifestation of the spirit of the Creator in many of its incarnations – the gradual cultivation and improvement plan-way to maintain harmony at various levels of everything. Thus, I distribute their duties.

    The sole purpose of the spirit – perfection through harmony.

    To achieve inner harmony is necessary to coordinate the spirit, mind and body. Often seen in people the spirit, mind and body, like a swan, the crayfish and pike, scattered in different directions. Combining the spirit, mind and body into a single system, you will reach not only harmony, but also the effective interaction. Acting harmoniously and in concert, you can achieve much more.

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