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    4.19. “Reading” the book of life

    The Book of Life – permanent residence of all things. Everything that happens, all thoughts and actions are recorded on the pages and live there forever. Future there is also spelled out in draft form or the vector path of events, but not yet manifested, and depends on the actions of the Creator’s manifestations. In the book of life, time and space is very arbitrary concept. Time and place can be like flipping pages.

    Read the book of life, only those can who are quite perfect and had access to it.

    Reading the book of life allows us to see the foundation of all things – information. Accordingly having access can read any information of interest to its object.

    To read the book of life, establish contact with the desired subject. Such contact can be established by looking at the object in his photo or his accessory, as well as hearing his age, date and place of birth, and other details, peculiar to this object. Having established contact, keep the setting at the subject.
    Close your eyes, hold an image of the object. According artifacts set owner. For example, if a chain, then submit it to the owner’s neck, then gradually raise the eyes and see the face of the owner.
    Check the object for compliance with personal details. It is necessary to verify that the settings on the live image.
    Further, considering the object, say hello to them and ask your questions. Also, you can rewind time back on a certain date and contemplate the day of his life. Can be regarded as an object and its surroundings.
    After obtaining the necessary information object thank and say goodbye to him. This is necessary so that it does not come to you myself in a dream or reality.
    During the reading of the book of life is important not to succumb to emotions and look at an object detached as indifferent to the subject, only collecting the necessary facts. This is a skill you need to learn before reading the book of life. It is important for your health and safety.

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