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    4.16. Search remote object

    Let’s make the exercise increases the distance to the subject.

    Place the object on the table. Let it be orange or apple.
    Zakontaktiruyte the subject, as usual, memorized configuration.
    Move away from the object at a distance. Try to establish a contact with an object at a distance, reproducing from memory setting.
    Having established contact, move a palm in hand, scanning the area in search of familiar feelings of the subject. You feel like there is a feeling, when you scan to the subject area?
    Exit the room. Let teammate put the subject in a different, but a visible place. Let the partner will help you to come back to the center of the room.
    Turning around its axis, scan the room in search of an object. How to feel the familiar sensation, let his partner, taking the object in this direction.
    Approach the subject feels in your hand and point to it. Open your eyes and check the result.
    Repeat this exercise until the 100% result.

    As a complication, you can search for items in the house or even in the city, but of course, this time with his eyes open.

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