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    4.12. Contact with the subject

    You get the right to welcome the Creator? Do you feel the contact, when the lift arm and customizable? If not, let’s learn how to install a thin contact with the object.

    Light a candle. Bring the open palm of the hand to the flame, but not to burn, hand and feel the warmth of the flame. You feel the heat? Good. Hold his hand, remember that heat setting and a candle flame.
    Take the hand back slightly, feeling the emerging changes. Then zoom back hand fixing senses changes in the palm. Feel for a boundary on which begin warming sensation.
    Go to open flame or a hot plate. Moving his hand back and forth, try to find the border, where there are a sensation of warmth.
    Now palpate his hand the whole boundary of the heat source, going round it and if it is safe, then the top. Be careful with the heat source, not to burn or tan yourself!
    These exercises are taught to feel his hand. Now let’s make exercise and learn to be sensitive.

    Place open hands before him, directed toward one another. Relax your palm, so as not to block the emerging sense of feeling tension in his hands.
    Shifting and pushing the palm of your hand, listen to the sensations arising in your hands. Turn on all of its receptors in the palms and focus. Feel these subtle sensations, it may be pressure changes, tingling, heat, a movement, and so on. If not, then you’re distracted. Be the palms and a feeling or. Happened? Great.
    Now open your palm is wider and can be reduced to one another. Try to determine the border, which are beginning to have the strongest feelings.
    Happened? Congratulations, you have established contact between your hands.

    For the next exercise you need help his partner.

    Stand in front of each other. Let the partner will send the open palm of the hand for you. Just as you establish contact between your palms, palm zakontaktiruyte partner. Moving his hand back and forth, feeling the border, where there are sensations in the palm of your hand.
    Now let partner make contact with your hand. And you do not waste time in vain and also listen to there is a feeling in the palm of your hand.
    Now at the same time with a partner, set pin. To enhance the sensations scrape fingers of his hand, without touching the partner. You can also do rotational, scraping and stroking movements. These movements enhance sensation in hands, grasping active changes.
    Happened? And now, having established contact, greet each other with the words: “Hello Master!”. Congratulations, you’ve learned how to carry out a greeting.
    Since all things is the embodiment of the Creator, welcome these embodiments. Thereby establishing the contact with all things, you are connecting with your environment, you become a part of nature and create unity and harmony.

    The following exercise will teach you to make contact with any object.

    Go to any object, such as a table or wall. Keep a closed hand to the subject, listening to the sensations arise. Just as you made contact with the palm of a partner, select a contact with the subject. Moving his hand to the subject and away from the border grope sensations in the palm of your hand. Just as annoying movements intensified sensations in your palm, the sharp, protruding, corrugated surface easier to feel.

    Now you know how to install a thin contact with any object. This skill allows you to touch the Creator, which is present in everything that exists. Touching the Creator, greet him and thank you for the opportunity to live and do good deeds. So you set up everything with which you contact, the unity and harmony. Necessarily, therefore, prepare the food before consumption.

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