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    4.11. Planning

    Working with images is an excellent planning tool.

    Plan the whole process of cooking dinner. Carefully through all the stages of cooking, starting with the preparation of the list of all the necessary ingredients. You can turn on a hike to the grocery store. Plan not phrase how to wash and clean, and take the products one by one and wash and clean, contemplating the whole process. This is a very important point. When the meal is ready, it may happen that a certain amount of product remains odd. Do not forget to taste the finished dish to the taste!

    Planned? Now, operations executed in a planned, step by step! If the planning stage were superfluous products, purchasing or using exactly the required amount.

    We cook dinner? The whole process of cooking dinner, match the planned? You guessed it tasteful? enough products?

    Similarly, plan your life as possible. Start with the mode of the day, cases a year, and end all of life, in which all steps are implemented to achieve your goals.

    Visual, careful planning – a great exercise for working with images that will streamline your life and fill it with meaning.

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