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    4.1. Emptiness

    Before you begin to improve and fill your vessel with new content, you must empty your vessel from the old content. Before you go anywhere, stop to re-look at the world and to chart a new path.

    Sit on the floor, on his knees and stretched back foot.
    Relax every muscle, every nerve, and have a pleasant, comfortable state.
    Close your eyes and empty your mind. Turn off the sensation of the body and the surrounding space. Tell yourself: “I – emptiness” and immersed for 5 minutes into the void. This condition, something like: I see nothing, I hear nothing, feel nothing.
    Every time you mess up in the wheel of life and feel that something is wrong, stop, release emotions erupted, unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Immerse yourself into the void and allow it to take all the negative energy and align the fill power.

    In emptiness there is everything. In a vacuum, you will find the answer to any question, and the power to perform any task.

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