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    4. Perfection

    Perfection – is the path to the Creator, to fine-tune connection with the Creator, the receipt and implementation of its mission. Mission at everyone, but it has a common goal – to protect the common values ​​and create harmony.

    Perfection – is the mission and the honorable opportunity to every person on earth.

    Only once understood the path of the Creator, you are ready to use in practice. Following the path of the Creator, you tune into harmony with each other and the surrounding space.

    Once you have mastered the above and will take it a basis of life, you’re ready to continue improving themselves, and further proceed with the improvement of environmental protection. It is to improve the harmony.

    Once you have mastered all of the above quality, you can start a better attitude.

    Free help each other improve, and share experiences in the spiritual centers. If you have some kind of exercise does not work or you have it mastered to perfection, visit the spiritual center for the selfless sharing of experience.

    When a person takes a minimum, and gives maximum, he can count on the unlimited help of the Creator.

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