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    3.9. Fast

    A fast – spiritual growth. Fasting teaches you to focus on the goal, to get rid of addictions, gives the body time to recover health and teaches to use an alternative power supply.

    Each dinner exclude solid food. That is, in the food are only the liquid and finer food. Solid food is all the food in any way, as well as soup, milk and pulp in the juice.

    Every Sunday, or once a week exclude solid food. Every person has to learn quite easily do without solid food meal a day, that is in the morning as you wake up until the next morning.

    Periodic exception solid food is necessary to adjust the body to a more subtle energies. According to the well-being you will understand how effectively you are able to eat the subtle energies. Refusal of solid food also is good preventive health, teaches subtly feel the need for power and eliminates the heavy reliance on power.

    Just work out the post of the year. How old food supplies running out, and the new harvest is not yet ripe, better warm spring or early summer exclude solid food for 3-42 days. Drink water as much as you want. Periodically fueled by alternative sources. Because the liquid food is desirable to confine the water and, if necessary decoctions of herbs. Fresh juice you can drink, but only when absolutely necessary, if 3 consecutive days, you feel bad and there’s no power, preferably not more than a glass a day. So the juice you maintain your energy and the ability to move and work.

    After such a long fast start out, you have to eat, gradually, each day, adding 1 type of product.

    Diluted with water to 50% fruit juice
    Fresh juice 100%
    Fresh vegetables
    Stewed vegetables on the water
    germinated grains
    Cooked corn on the water
    Dried fruits and honey
    Nuts and seeds
    Boiled and steamed vegetable protein
    Output should continue for at least a week, and prolonged fasting more than a week. Only then you can add salt and sugar (if you are not able to give them up), and hot spices, onions and garlic. Then you can eat unfertilized eggs and dairy products. And only after that you can basically eat fish, poultry, meat and then.

    Immediately after this post the best time to go to a higher quality level of nutrition, as well as to give the following products:

    Flour products from refined flour (The crushed whole grain flour is not refined)
    Chocolate and cocoa
    Canned, smoked and fried foods
    animal fats
    Clams, crabs, crayfish and other
    A fish
    Meat products
    About alcohol, smoking and drugs need to forget, as a habit, addiction and disease. From these harmful things easier to get rid of during this post. Wine and beer are not food, and refer to alcohol. The weaker drug (wine, beer, smoking), the more disastrous the consequences from it, both for the individual and for society.

    While fasting can and should continue to work. In any case, you need to move, walk a lot and loading their muscles. But if you’re not prepared, you can take a vacation and do not necessarily fast once every 42 days. You can start with the three days, year after year, increasing the length of the post, as well as mastering the alternate power supply. The duration of the post is determined by your state of health, what you eat, the experience and the level of spiritual development.

    If you decide on a long post, then be sure to perform powerful cleansing procedures. Clear the entire digestive tract from food residues. If this is not done, there will be the intoxication of the organism. It is defined poor health, weakness, bad smell, sometimes even skin diseases. Especially it passes rapidly after the priority animal food supply and to a lesser extent, raw vegetable food. Therefore, before Lent, it is desirable to switch to the power plant food for at least a month.

    If you 42 days expelled solid food, continued in the same rhythm of work and do not lose your weight more, then you learned to eat high quality alternative power sources, including switched to samopodpitku. Losing excess weight is not losing weight, but only its normalization. Naked and stand in front of a large mirror. If you have a natural complexion, a reasonable figure and you are full of energy after 42 days, then you are no longer dependent on solid food.

    This post is powerful in prevention and treatment of most serious diseases, as well as a test of spiritual maturity. But if you are sure that you are completely healthy and there is no risk of the disease, or simply you are not yet developed enough spiritually to feed such a long time only a fine meal, skip this lengthy post. For any action, including fasting, it is necessary that the spirit, mind and body were ready, otherwise action will be ineffective.

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