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    3.8. Food

    Meals have energy information exchange with the environment. Everything is a wave. Your food also is a wave. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, spices, plants and so on, all have a variety of wave vibrations. Eat harmonious, diverse waves and you will be healthy and strong. Eating, you maintain the vibration in my body due to controlled resonance of waves foods. There is food for the cells and the blood, and there is also an organ of the mind and body. Nurture harmonious whole self, do not lack anything.

    Since everything is a wave, you can eat all the waves of the right person. Thought forms – also have a wave, you can eat and mentally. The man is all that metabolizes food and what influences him. Destructive waves – the waves that are destructive to the individual organism, certain cells or organs. They can lead to illness and even death. You eat, not only through the stomach, but also through the lungs, skin, senses, thoughts and even in his sleep. Take care of your environment, because it is you nourishes and forms.

    Man given to the gastrointestinal tract to fuel growing bodies. After maturing, about 24 years old, begin to learn to nourish the body with alternative energy sources. Each meal should begin with subtle energies, followed by a rough energy, liquid food and finish solid food. Take solid food as first fast-absorbable. Keep in mind that the thermally processed food to digest longer than raw.

    Full of one kind of food, listen, how you were filled and determine how much you need even more coarse food. Only then proceed to more roughage. At the end of a meal determine how much any food you need to prepare for the future, not to overeat.
    Any power source – is the embodiment of the Creator. Immediately before each meal, prepare food for absorption.

    Zakontaktiruyte with food and give thanks to the Creator for all his incarnations, which allow you to live and to do good deeds.

    Zakontaktiruyte with food, and at harvest the field, garden or garden. To do this, lift one or both hands. The open palm facing food. Keep the palm of food, listening to the sensations in your hand. It may be tingling, changes in pressure, heat and the like.
    Say: ” Hello, the Creator! Thank you for the opportunity to eat, to live and to do good! “.
    In this way,

    You acknowledge that the Creator is in everything that exists,
    You get permission to eat the bodies of the Creator incarnations,
    Stressing that this power only to the extent necessary to maintain life,
    And as your life is good, that is harmony. Thus you perform the mission entrusted to you by the Creator.
    Only then can you begin to take food, concentrating on the smell, taste and so on. Do not mindlessly throws food in his mouth, thinking about other things.

    You need to eat as much as you need. Do not overeat and do not eat nothing else to do or watch. Eat only a light sensation of hunger. Do not run immediately to eat as soon as you wake up. Your body also needs to wake up and become alert, only then it is ready to receive food. Do not eat until you have a rest and recover from stress or bad mood. Do not fill the stomach more than ¾ parts. If you eat properly and not pereeli, after receiving write should feel the energy rise and vigor. You must have the feeling that you will be able to run at least a kilometer.

    If you have an empty stomach, it does not mean that you are hungry. An empty stomach means is that adopted by the food went down the gastrointestinal tract. After the produced work, the stomach is required rest. Therefore, it should not be immediately after the devastation to fill a new portion of food. You can not constantly and tirelessly to climb the stairs.

    Do not eat anything that tastes good. Eat only what you need and to digest. Improving, over time you will learn to identify the necessary you food for her radiated vibrations, as well as to determine the quality of the food. And until that day has not come, ask for help from specialists or trust your intuition and common sense.

    A healthy microflora – an important component in the diet. Microflora – a whole people, for which the human body is a habitable planet, with forests, rivers, and natural resources. Take care of your peoples inhabiting. Avoid stress and negative emotions, as it is for them as a natural disaster that can destroy up to 80 percent or more of your body’s population. Eat only high-quality and natural food, as well as do not overeat.

    In order to survive, when at stake is the life and health of a person can eat everything, but without such needs are not filled, those who have eyes. As you used to? You like? Simply delicious? Helpful? Then kill the animal with his bare hands, and then, without any treatment, eat whole. Or maybe you should try the taste of their children? It sounds crazy? Then do not kill and do not encourage the killing without extreme need!

    Think about the water that you eat. Water beautifully absorbs information. In the modern city, the water is extracted from groundwater pumps is sent to the treatment plant, of which the old pipe, through half of the city rises in your apartment. Even if you are physically clean the water of chlorine, rust and some impurities, the information will remain in the water, she has collected, going all the way this complex. So try to minimize the path of water from nature to your mouth or minimize water brought by harmful information.

    Drink as much as you need. Water, drunk in excess of the required number, displays the body of nutrients. The demand for water can be determined by the color of urine. If it is dark, it means that you need to drink. If it is colorless, it means that you consume enough water, and if there is dryness of the mouth, make a few sips.

    In fact, the food there is an exchange of information with the environment. Man must live where you can grow food. Eat mostly foods of local origin of food, ensuring information exchange with your environment. This will allow your body to adjust and adapt to external conditions. Therefore, let the tea drinking Chinese coffee Brazilians, Russians and willow-herb, and so on. Regular consumption of the food product from another region, misinforming your body that can lead to a serious imbalance and, as a consequence, disease and even death.
    Permitted short-term use in the food product from another region only for the purposes of treatment and replenishment of mineral deficiencies. In any case, products from another region should not exceed 1/3 of the total diet.

    Do not be distracted while eating on extraneous things. The only topic that can be at the table, it is a tasty and healthy food consumed at the moment. You can share only your positive impression. If you do not like something, report it at another time, not to make a film while eating. Maximum tune to take food. Carefully consider it, identify the smell, feel the taste, density and so on. It’s just as important as thorough chewing. Do not forget that eating, you exchange information.

    The correct process of eating – it is a spiritual practice that teaches you to care, mindfulness, concentration, thought control, as well as to perceive the world.

    Since all things there is a wave, your food, there is music, where each product is a tool, and has a certain sound. Fruit – a music garden, vegetable – garden, grain – fields, grass – meadows, and sea grass – seas. Cook as composer, must be able to combine music and sounds to write a complete, harmonious sounding piece. If you take the things that you like, such as hard rock and classical music, and two different works. Listening alone, you enjoy, but do not listen to them simultaneously. Just eat foods that are better to eat separately. Your body – is a listener, and you are a musician. Do not play it, it is impossible to listen to. Otherwise, your body will refuse to listen, that is to receive the information. And if you will feed him forcibly and over,

    Compliance with the principles of the reduced power supply, allow the person to live a long time, in perfect health and harmony.

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