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    3.6. Worldview

    Each person perceives the world individually or as a center of world view is in man himself.

    Ego is the individual center of perception, creates individual needs and ways to meet them. Since everyone is looking from the perspective of your ego, conflict is inevitable. According to the laws of common sense, taking into account the causes and consequences, conflicting, you conflict eventually with the same radiating disagreement information.

    Selfish perception of the world leads to emotional and physical suffering, competition and conflict, struggle for leadership and excellence, violence and war. Selfish perception as a result, lack of harmony with itself and the environment.

    The creator also creates harmony only, takes care of everyone and everything. Creator perceives the world holistically, globally and in detail. Creator Spirit is in every body. So, anyone can learn to perceive the world holistically. Following the Path of the Creator, you are tuned to a center of world perception of the Creator.

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