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    3.5. Perception of information

    A human brain – a Reception Antenna for perception and the radiation wave radiation – information.

    Human senses are only the bodies of the settings for the perception of the information, and have a narrow, necessary for human life, the perception spectrum. This range also is limited for convenience and ease of processing.

    All the information a person sees the brain. When a person drives his eyes and focuses the vision he sets his mind on the perception of information. Images that float before the eyes, the brain generates.

    The image that people see, the brain is formed in a readable manner. The same applies equally to other senses.

    Since man is alive thanks to the exchange of information with the environment, to actively share information. Periodically air samples do odor, humidity, the presence of impurities, and so on. Be sure to try to smell food before eating it to assimilate properly. Bad smell does not happen, there is only information from the various components of the subject. Learn to distinguish and recognize odors.

    Similarly, use the other senses. Listen to both themselves and to the world. You can feel every finger on my feet? And how it feels to your stomach? What’s cooking in your neighbor?

    Do not trust anyone or anything, neither the Bible nor the Koran nor the ancient manuscripts or stories, as well as the prophets, doctors, specialists, scientists, science, and so on, including myself. Everything is written by people, and each person has a perception filter that is formed from a world society, science, culture, philosophy and personal experience. Each person distorts the perceived information, depending on the actions of their perception filter. The mind – the great killer of reality. Improve, and you will see things as they really are. Practice and you will be able over time to perceive ever more accurate information.

    Only Believe me, the Creator, because I have the information itself, but also trust the common sense, an essential attribute of truthful information. It does not matter who says, and if he has a degree and recognition, it is important what he says, common sense is important in the information received. Drop experience, habits and beliefs, and look for common sense to hear. Word, style, emphasis, intonation and so on are not important, but the information itself is important.

    True information from the Creator, always full, harmonious, takes into account the cause and effect, good sense.

    Eloquent and seductive deception and flattery,
    and the truth and sanity is always as it is.
    Be vigilant, do not believe a word. Evaluate information sanity.

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