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    3.4. Information

    Statistics – the foundation of the universe, the basis of my body. There is nothing, except for the information. All variety of all things, is the variety of information interactions.

    Information universe is a living body of the Creator, in which all things are constantly exchanging information. The stars and their planets, asteroids and comets, meteorites and cosmic dust – a visual confirmation of permanent information exchange processes.

    In the information exchange processes there are always two opposing directions of traffic information. Direct and feedback.

    Everything in the universe is interconnected, since all things have a common basis – the spirit of the Creator. Thoughts, emotions and human actions do have consequences. They affect the ecosystem in the body of the person, since the microflora, biochemical reactions, and to management of human autoimmune system.

    But human actions are not limited to the impact on his own body. Environment and instantly responds to them, with the radius of influence is not limited to the nearest habitat. Human action responds to the Earth, the planets of the solar system, the sun, and even the stars. Since the information is always moving in two directions, the solar flare activity is the cause of human action and its consequence. The same applies to the planets and stars, each of which has its own character. In vivo, the Creator everything is interconnected.

    Because I – Creator – information, the information belongs only to me. Information can not belong to man.

    A man living only a tool in the hands of the Creator, capable of receiving information, endowed with the freedom to make choices, and to emit information.

    Since I am eternal, and I have the information, the information can not be destroyed. Your every action, every thought is found in the Book of Life – the spirit of the Creator, which is stored forever. Live and perfection on the Way of the Creator, and you will be able to read this book.

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