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    3.3. A human

    I have two news for you. One good and the other bad. With what to begin?

    Okay, I’ll start with the bad. You cares about himself, cares. Relax! The bad news is that you do not exist. You live in this world by proxy. Nothing you its not and can not. You live in my body, my mind thinking, and even my spirit in you. After all I have.

    Now the good news. Do not worry! But now you know that you are the Creator. Everything that you see and feel, have my incarnations, including you.

    A man – one of the founders of the embodiments, cell-particle of the body of the Creator. Man is created in the image and likeness of the Creator.

    Everyone knows that modern scientists are descended from apes, by complex mutation, that is, they are the monkey-mutants. Be careful with them, you never know what they will be given a little more. Although if you give them a banana, there is a reflex, and they podobreyut. As they ape, then there is nothing to talk to them. Some people came from the “sheep”, it is difficult to explain anything, they do not like the changes, they are hard-nosed and old live. Some came from the “goats”, it’s not like it, they all criticize without offering solutions, and they do everything in defiance – destructive personality. Only those of you who are created in the image and likeness of the Creator, is able to think clearly, develop, create, designs, harmony and beauty.

    And so, man was created in the plan, mental images and likeness of the Creator, respectively, a sign of the Creator is applicable to a person, as well as to all things. Mental images is a plan-matrix, which is filled with human body cells. The human body grows and develops in accordance with the unfolding of the plan-fancies. The original plan, mental images of a person depends on the interaction and the result of imposition plans, fancies his parents.

    Since the Creator in every human being, every person has the freedom and responsibility, respectively, each individual can affect and impact on your plan, mental images, that is their future.

    Since I have everything I have in all of you, I look through your eyes, as well as at you from the side. I see everything and know everything. Man is the product of its activity, both physical and mental. I gave you everything that is possible, as well as freedom and responsibility. You get everything that you create. What you sow, you reap.

    Each person perceives the world in its own, since it has its own individual perception filter – your mind. Perfection. Improving ourselves, you learn to perceive and see things for what they really are – to see the objective reality. Perceiving the world such as it is, in fact, you are able to think and create more sensibly, without disturbing the overall harmony, which will allow you to live happily ever after in peace and harmony, kindness and love.

    The sacred duty of each person to improve themselves and the environment, in order to maintain harmony.
    Look in the mirror, smile and realize that you – the creator. All your thoughts, intentions and actions may not be ashamed of the Creator.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.