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    3.18. Freedom and responsibility

    Man, like any other my incarnation, I have given a certain freedom and the corresponding responsibility.

    No concepts such as good and bad. There is no sin or blemish. I do not give you laws and commandments. You are free to do whatever you want. You are free to take as much freedom as you can. You are free because each one of you the Creator. How can I myself forbid?

    But always remember that freedom always goes hand in hand with responsibility. Freedom and responsibility are always inseparable. Responsibility – it is the fulfillment of desires. Every action generates a desire, which I will fulfill. Make a wish – you get it. You are responsible for your every wish, as well as a desire to your environment: your family, your nation, humanity, the Earth, and so on.

    I did never punished. I give you everything that you want, so control your desires. You reap all that you sow, so do as you wish, to do unto you. You live in a world that you have created and other embodiments of the Creator. Since you do so, what to do you. All right, if you wish, on your thoughts and your actions, and as a result everything is transmitted from your ancestors. Build an environment which themselves want and want to bring your children and descendants. I gave you the freedom of the mind, so that you can create by using common sense. Ray only positive. Be a role model.

    The principle of modern man – came, saw, and heritage. And who will clean up after you?
    The principle of harmonious human – came, saw, and are not inherited. Leave behind only need to heirs and heritage, which will live your heirs.

    When you think or act, you radiate information, which in turn irradiates and you. Thus, it is impossible to do dirty deeds, not dirty. Moreover he radiates this information, more than anyone else is exposed to it, because it is better than others is set on it. Thus, the responsibility overtakes you faster than you can think about it. Carefully choose the thoughts and actions! The same law applies even to the Creator. That is why it is good and does only good deeds and everything is just perfect. Creator does not punish anyone, but only fulfills your desires that you radiate.

    The man and the ocean is the incarnation of the Creator. When a man in anger spits in the ocean, trying to insult him, he insults only themselves. Saliva is the same water. Once in the ocean, it evaporates, rain will fall, perhaps by him or on the road on which it will pass. She then gets into a reservoir, from where his cock back and forth in his mouth, feeding his body. Anger and all negative during the spittle will only exist in it. He will suffer from negative and anger, which immediately filled him. This negativity on themselves like trains his immune system how to proceed with their same cells. Anger and negative, as a negative energy, weaken its vitality and the immune system. As a result, his health deteriorated. Besides, he wanted his action to be suffering from anger and negativity. I can only fulfill his sincere desire. As a result, he will repeatedly at night to experience this state, reinforcing the negative effect. The same will happen to him after the death of his physical body in the eternal book of life, where he is repeatedly relive all their earthly desires.

    As you see, every action has a far-reaching impact. Freedom and responsibility go together. Conscience toward and acting carefully choose his desires, that I will fulfill for you. A man in this situation is egoistic center of perception, thinking only of themselves. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not be negative. Look at the poor with the perception of the world center of the Creator, which is in everything that exists, and have pity on the poor man, who does not know what he wishes for himself. Carefully choose your desires, I will certainly fulfill for you.

    Choosing and creating desires, remember that you are not alone in the universe. My every incarnation consciously or unconsciously creates desire. In addition to your personal desires I see the desire of your family, your nation and all mankind. Just desire to form my other incarnations as animals, plants, as well as the Earth, Moon, planets, sun, galaxies, and so on. That is, there is the desire of the environment in addition to the personal desires. First of all I play the resulting desire of my incarnations. And only after that I am an individual desires. In addition to the quantitative superiority and wishes taken into account more qualitative superiority. Priority is always in better and have greater force of desire.
    If you are consciously and properly formulate their desire, and it is not fulfilled, then it is contrary to the wishes of my other incarnations. That all your wishes are fulfilled, and you will be happy and satisfied, form of desire for the common good and harmony.

    Fully respecting the way of the Creator, man lives in harmony with himself and his environment and improved. His thin body as fully nourished and become strong. Over time, you okrepnite so that you just need to be able to control your thoughts, emotions and actions, so as not to cause harm to themselves and others. Your body, mind and intent become so strong and developed, that will be shown over ability, inherent in each. Follow the path of the Creator, perfection, and remember the freedom and responsibility.

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