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    3.17. Life and death

    I have you, you have me. I have all things. Is can I die? No. Therefore, you can not die.

    your body’s cells are constantly dying and re-born, one after another, but you are the same and continue to live, without even noticing it. Your body is like a cell, is born and dies, but you continue to live. From one incarnation to another, you will go. You is me, and I do it all the time.

    Your job is on the earth to learn and improve, living in harmony with oneself and the environment. If you were not able to live in harmony, you stay again for one more circle to learn to live in harmony with themselves and their peers. I have no quarrel with you, and do not wish evil. Since I myself – embodied – I love you, I give you an opportunity to improve, so you can grow longer, and so as not to disturb the harmony of the universe – my body.

    In recent years, it increased the number of people, because they were not learned the lessons of life. People farther and farther separated from the Creator, making the coexistence of rough mistakes. I give them the opportunity to correct these errors and be able to develop further in other embodiments of a higher order.

    The more people on the ground and less harmony, the less the other incarnations. Improve, work on yourself, do not hold your place and do not break the harmony.

    Your body is mortal, your spirit is not. The spirit of the people and other incarnations – is the spirit of the Creator. Spirit of the Creator is eternal, accordingly your spirit is eternal, too. You – part of the Creator. Your body – cell in the body of the Creator, who dies and is reborn. So do not grieve when the body of your loved ones die, as their place will be a different life. Their spirit will live forever, and receive, depending on experience, the new incarnation, in which they will enjoy life and to contribute to the harmony of the world.

    The human body lives as long as it does not cease to communicate with the environment. Adaptation, movement, health and life are impossible without information exchange processes.

    After the body ceases to share information, it terminates their livelihoods and decomposes into valuable land for minerals. The decomposition process may take more than a decade. To speed up the process of decomposition, as well as not to disturb the ecosystem and does not occupy valuable land space for another life, it is advisable to burn the body. Similarly, forest fires create conditions for the emergence of a new life.

    Life on earth is a great gift of the Creator, a school and an exam. Having lived a life on earth, man gets experience and form their future. Human activities, both physical and mental has the desire, which I, as the Creator, will perform.

    After the termination of the exchange of information – vital functions of the physical body – the body dies, I think the process of learning and the formation of desires completed. After the death of your spirit will live on in the book of life, where there is no time, and so on forever. In the book of life, your spirit will enjoy eternal, multiple experience their desires, as a result of life on Earth. Words do not mean anything here, important image that is formed of thought and action.

    If you are robbed of honest citizens, the actions you have formed an image robbed and unhappy man. This time you have desired it, and they will be rewarded, that is repeatedly robbed and unhappy. If you have lived in peace and harmony with all people and other embodiments of the Creator, you will live forever in peace and harmony.

    Fully enjoy their desires, you may be eligible for re-training. Depending on the degree of successful learning in the past school life, you will be directed to a lower order school or an equivalent school of life.

    Those who mastered with honors school of life and enjoy their desires in the book of life will be invited to study at the school of a higher order.

    You should not grieve for the dead people close to you, especially if they died of natural causes. If the person died of natural causes, then it’s time to go on his vacation, after the last call to the school of life. If a person has died a violent death, it means that he was transferred to another class and maybe in another school. It sometimes happens is that the person completes the training at this level early moves to a higher or lower, depending on its success in fulfilling its mission – maintaining harmony. Therefore, if a person dies, we can only be happy for him, for his progress.

    You want to live forever? But what about the thirst for knowledge, development and progress? Imagine that you are a disciple 3 class. You always want to learn in grade 3? But what about the holidays and the next class 4?

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