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    3.16. Aliens

    The universe is the body of the Creator, which is, of course, is full of diverse forms of life, including intelligent and with different levels of development.

    You are so eagerly looking for contact with aliens that do not realize the danger you expose yourself. If they arrive on your planet, be afraid of them. This means that they do not fulfill their mission to maintain harmony on your planet and are looking for where to profit by natural resources, or they have dirtied our planet so that it is no longer possible to live and came to dominate and shit on your planet. And if you arrive peaceful aliens, then they can take you for a deadly virus, which is necessary to save the planet.

    And what is your purpose of contact with aliens? And because you Give it advanced aliens. Or do you think that highly aliens will not see your true intentions?
    Better sit quietly and peacefully, and not be put out until you reach the appropriate level of spiritual development.

    Before looking for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, take the path of the Creator as the basis of life, embody in all countries of new public “Sanity” system, and perfection.

    Primitive means of remote transmission of information you are going to contact you with a superior level of development of civilization? Well, let’s say you’ve found them, they came. And how will you communicate? As primates, bellowing and waving? Improve, learn to communicate in the universal language of the universe – in the language of the Creator, that is, sensual images, and telepathically at any distance.

    To explore even the nearby space, your solar system, there is no need to spend so much resources and labor. Just look at the book of life and gather the information you need.

    Think better about their planet, take care of it, keeping harmony. Unite in the new global public “Sanity” system, create harmony in his world, where there will be armies and arms will be peace and sanity.

    It seems that you think about anything, just not to maintain harmony in your home. Well, it’s your choice. You have the freedom and responsibility. From your actions and omissions of independent life of current and future generations throughout the world, including the life of the planet Earth.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.